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We don't just generate leads; we deliver qualified consultations that drive revenue growth.

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Did you know 65% of financial advisors lack a regular marketing plan? This gap is costing you clients and revenue.

Traditional lead generation methods like buying leads or using high-cost pay-per-attendee marketing are inefficient and unsustainable. It's time for a smarter approach to client acquisition.

The current client acquisition system is ineffective, costly and time consuming.

Many financial advisors find themselves trapped in a cycle of:

  • Purchasing expensive, unqualified leads
  • Competing with multiple advisors for the same prospects
  • Dealing with frequent no-shows and low conversion rates

This approach drains your resources without delivering consistent results. But there's a better way.

Our approach: Precision-engineered client acquisition that scales as you grow.

We've revolutionized client acquisition for financial advisors:

  • Start with powerful, ready-to-buy messaging
  • Attract high-quality leads who come to you
  • Leverage our Dynamic Audience Matching (D.A.M.) technology

The result? A steady stream of qualified prospects ready for meaningful consultations.

Elevate your practice with D.A.M. Smart Targeting

We've engineered a groundbreaking approach to connect financial advisors with their ideal clients. Our "Dynamic Audience Matching" isn't just lead generation; it's precision-engineered client connection.

Are you ready to experience the D.A.M. difference?

Let's transform your client acquisition strategy and grow your practice together.

Precision-Engineered Targeting

D.A.M. Smart Targeting harnesses AI and rich data to pinpoint your ideal clients. We don't just find leads; we uncover opportunities that align perfectly with your expertise and goals.

Authentic Engagement

Our system crafts messaging that speaks directly to your prospects' needs and aspirations. D.A.M. Smart Targeting initiates genuine conversations, not just transactions.

Multi-Channel Presence

From social media to targeted ads, D.A.M. Smart Targeting creates a cohesive digital strategy. We ensure your message reaches potential clients at the right time, on the right platform.

Adaptive Intelligence

D.A.M. Smart Targeting evolves with every interaction. Our system continuously learns and optimizes, refining its approach to maximize your ROI and results.

Qualified Consultations

Forget vanity metrics. D.A.M. Smart Targeting delivers qualified consultations with prospects who are ready to engage. We focus on quality connections that drive real business growth.

Over 100 advisors have trusted us to help them grow their business.

"A year later after partnering with EDM, we are consistently driving people to our webinars, we have a steady flow of qualified prospects, and are closing new business."

- Joseph DiSalvo

"I have been in the business for 20 years. 2021, 2022 AND 2023 were my best years so far. 2023 was my best year ever. So I highly recommend the team at Eight Digit Media."

- Walt Decherd

"After a few false starts with other random companies, I started working with Chris and got the results I wanted within the price I wanted to pay. I'm happy!"

- Cheryl Daly

Let's raise your next $1M in AUM!

Our process starts with the "end" in mind. We reverse engineer your best clients so you can clone them over and over again to reach your desired revenue and growth goals.

Scale with webinars

Reach your ideal clients locally or nationally while automated systems effortlessly convert engaged prospects into a steady stream of qualified appointments. Our typical clients secure 5+ qualified appointments from each webinar, accelerating their practice growth month after month.

Build trust with in-person seminars

Accelerate your practice's growth with in-person seminars, turning face-to-face connections into a surge of high-value clients through unparalleled engagement and trust-building. Our clients typically see strong conversion rates, with some booking appointments with 30-60% of seminar attendees.

Case Study: Quest Capital sees 40% increase in leads with $500k+ in investable assets.

By introducing Smart Ad Copy, we aimed to attract more high-net-worth individuals. The results were impressive, and we’re excited to share how this strategic change made a significant impact.

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"I have used other similar services but Eight Digit is less expensive and more willing to work with you and help you than others I have tried."

- Peter Hafner
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Simple, transparent, flat fee pricing

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"I have used other similar services but Eight Digit is less expensive and more willing to work with you and help you than others I have tried."

- Peter Hafner
satisfaction guarantee

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no set up fee

key features

  • Host 1 webinar or in-person event
  • We use your branding
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  • Real time registrant notifications
  • Customized landing pages
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