Ask This One Simple Question If You Want People To Book An Appointment With You


All right. So, the other day I got an email from an advisor. Actually he reached out to me on Facebook Messenger. This advisor is not a client of mine. I met this particular advisor.

He came through my funnel actually and we've kind of traded some email messages back and forth. We had a talk, gave him a few pointers on a few things to try to help him get started with his Facebook lead generation. So, months have passed and he reached back out to me and he said, "Hey Chris, I've been able to get people to opt in, so I've been able to get leads.

I've actually been able to drive down the cost of my leads," which is great. We always want to try to drive down our cost for client acquisition, but he came and said that, "Hey, although I'm getting these leads, I haven't been able to get anybody to book any appointments with me." 

I said, "Well, that's not uncommon. Getting the leads is only part of the actual equation. Getting people to opt in, but getting someone to actually reach out and book an appointment with you, well, that requires a lot more knowledge, skill, patience and a lot of testing."

So, I gave him a couple ideas on some things that he can try in order to get people to reach out to him to book an appointment. I want to share one quick thing with you here today. Now, this is somewhat of part of my secret sauce, so don't tell anybody what it is that I'm telling you right now, although this video is out on the internet for everybody to see, but one of the things that I like to use in my funnels is segmentation. 

All right, so this particular advisor was using a Facebook lead ad, which is great. It's great for getting name, email, phone number, whatever it is that you want to get, but one of the downfalls of using these lead ads is you can't do any segmentation. You can't do any kind of branch logic and kind of some of the other tricky things that you can do with your funnels and your opt-ins. 

So, you have to kind of think like this. There's always this statistic that says, "Hey, only maybe 3 to 5% of people who come in contact with you are ready to buy right now." So, if that's the case, isn't it logical to think that if you get 100 people that opt in, that maybe three to five of those people actually want to talk to somebody right now? But you may just need to ask them, do they want to talk to someone? That's a part of the segmentation that I use.

So, again, here's a little trick. Something that I use in one of my funnels is on the opt in form, I have a two step opt in process. So, they get to the phone, they click on a button and instead of me showing them a form where they can input their information, I ask them a question. "Hey, do you want to talk to somebody today about this problem that you have?"

If they say yes, then they provide their information and then you redirect those people to your calendar because they just said they want to talk to somebody today about this particular problem. Sometimes it's just as easy as asking people do they want to talk to somebody. We can't assume that everybody will want to talk to somebody or won't, but we won't know unless we ask, so sometimes just asking some simple questions will yield some results that you're looking for. 

All right, so you've got a few people to answer yes to this question and you've gotten them to your calendar and hopefully they went ahead and took the next step to book an appointment, but what about that other 95% of the people who were coming through your funnel? They're not ready to talk to anybody right now but that's not to say that they won't want to talk to you later on. So the next question becomes, "How do I get these other 95% of the people to actually reach out to me and book an appointment?"

This is where all of the hard work comes in right here because this is where you're gonna earn your stripes in this whole thing. So, now, this comes down to a lot of different factors, but here are a few key things that you want to think about. One is what do these prospects, these leads need to believe about you in order for them to reach out to you to schedule an appointment?

Right? So, you've already established that they have some type of an intent based upon whatever it is that you're offering them. So, they wouldn't be opting in unless they had some type of need, so you know that that need is there. Well, what other messages do you need to get in front of these people to compel them to reach back out to you?

Now, that could be a number of different things. The most common thing is the fact that you can actually help them. So if you can demonstrate that you could actually help these individuals solve this particular problem, there's a good chance that they're gonna reach back out to you. Now, you're gonna have some people who are gonna be DIY people.

They only want information, but you're definitely gonna have people who don't want to do it themselves and want information but then want you to actually do it for them, and that's what you're looking for. So, think about the various messages or things that someone needs to believe about you, your product, your service or even believe about themselves, right?

For some people it may be just that, hey, they don't believe that they can achieve this particular result whether it's with you or themselves or whatever the case may be, but there's gonna be multiple messages that you need to get in front of people.
I'm gonna let you in on another secret here.

That secret is email is not going to be your best way to do this because people just aren't checking their emails like they used to before. Half the people who come through a phone don't even click the link to download the thing it is that they said that they want to get in the first place, so now you've got to get creative about getting your messages in front of the right people and the best way to do that is with video.

So, that's all I have for you today right now. If you've enjoyed this information and you think it has been helpful, please feel free to share it with anyone else that you may know and I'll look forward to seeing you with another video.

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