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Hey, Chris Ross here with Eight Digit Media. So, over the last year or so I've been working with quite few financial advisors helping them with automating their lead generation. Right? So that's a big thing right now.

People are not wanting to spend a lot of time talking to people that ultimately that don't want to talk to them or don't want to do business, and a good way to about weeding out a lot of tire kickers is automating your processes so that you can really kind of get down to the people who are actually serious and want to do some business with you.

So, one of the big things that I get, or one of the recurrent things I see whenever I start working with a new advisor or just talking with one, is the whole thing of time management in trying to do marketing. Right? So you figure if you are a solo entrepreneurial or you maybe you have small team, maybe it's you and assistant, there's a hot of hats you got to wear to you're trying to marketing, you're trying to do sales, you're trying to do client delivery.

Let alone with all the ups and downs in the market lately, you have a couple of days of a down market, you got your clients ringing your phones off the hook. That's kind of reference for us older people because we don't have landlines that much where your phone's actually on the hook, but at any rate, you get what I'm saying.

The whole point is you don't have a lot of time in the day to try to do all the different things that you need to do, but you know you got to tackle the marketing because without the marketing, you're not going to have any sales. Right? So if you put one off, if you put marketing off and say, "Hey, I'll do that later," and you focus on sales and client delivery, then when your leads dry up, now you're back in the hustle and bustle phase of trying to do all this marketing and you're not making any sales and now you're neglecting out parts of your business.

It's a common thing, not just for financial advisors, this is for any small business really, especially if you're just a solo person. So, I get how they feel that way because I've had to deal with a lot of those things in my business too.

Now, one thing that I don't have to deal with is the lead generation right, because that's what I do, so I can automate my lead flow and I can turn a phone on and get leads and such and that's one less thing that I have to worry about. Only got to worry about all the other things. So, me being able to help them develop a process that can generate some consistent leads, appointments for them, is a big part of what I do.

So, let me tell you a quick story about one of the advisors that I'm working with now. So, this particular advisor kind of already has a system down for what is that he wants to do and I was just basically working with him to try to enhance some of things, so we didn't have to build out some whole completely new funnel. We just wanted to add on a couple of pieces to see how we could get some better results with everything. So, one of the things that he does so he's not spending a lot of time in the lead generation process is the fact that, one, we're generating leads for him. Right?

So we're not even trying to get appointments for him, we're just generating leads for him because he already has a system in place that is going to generate an appointment for him because he's already been testing a lot of different things. So, he already has a really good drip campaign set up, he has a podcast that he's been doing, and has some videos and such that he's been doing. Now, he's not a really huge advisor.

When I say huge, meaning he doesn't have like a 20 person team or anything like that. It is literally just him in his practice, but he's been able to kind of iron out some of the details for some of the stuff that he wants to do.

So, what we've been doing here is just filling his funnel with leads, just nothing but leads, name, email, and phone number, of people who are interested in financial planning or interested in financial services. So what he does is he takes a look at his CRM and he sees the people who are opening his emails and clicking on his emails and such, and what he does is he reaches out to those people when the time is right.

So if you have a drip campaign set up and you're sending emails out to people and you have your system set up in such a way where you can see the people who are actively engaged in your content, then hey, now is great time to pick up the phone and try to get ahold of those people and have a quick conversation with them because, if they're engaging in everything it is that you're sending out, that means that you're seeing something that's resonating with them. So now, you can spend your time actively talking to people who are more likely to convert than those who are not going to convert.

So just a little bit of helpful information here on something you may want to do. One, make sure you have a system in place to nurture the leads that you are getting if you are actually getting leads in the door, and if you can, you want to set up some simple automations that can alert you for that matter to whether or not people are actually engaging in your content.

So, for example, I use Active Campaign for myself and I also use it for some of my clients as well, so it has a lead scoring system in there that you can use or you can set up some simple things such as site tracking. So, if people are coming back to your website, right, so you're sending out emails that have links in them, you're maybe sending them to some blog posts or whatever you may have, if people are coming back to your website to visit, then you can easily set up a little automation that can send out an automated email or even alert you to the fact that, "Hey, this person has come back to your site X amount of times," and now you can send a personalized email out to these people and really drive home the fact that, "Hey, I'm here to help you answer any questions that you may have," and you may be able to go on ahead and snag that client real quick.

So just wanted to give you a little bit of information in regards to some of the things that you can do with using some automation so that you're spending your time more wisely. I don't know if more wisely is the correct way, but spending your time wisely throughout the day and focusing on activities that are going to put some money in your pocket. So if you've liked the information that I shared here in this video, please feel free to share it with someone else and I'll look forward to seeing you in another video.

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