Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to complete a seminar marketing funnel?

Our current turn around time from start to finish is 7 days.

How long does it take to see leads coming in?

You can expect to start seeing leads come in within 24 hours of launching your campaign.

Do I need my own website?

If you have a website already and it is self hosted, we can build your funnel on a sub-domain. If you do not have a website, we can build your funnel on one of our sub-domains.

How much should I spend on advertising with Facebook?

You can spend as much or little as you like for advertising, but we recommend you spend $1,000 per campaign. 

Does this funnel work with LinkedIn?

Yes it does although advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook in most cases.

How many buying units can I expect to show up to my seminar?

Our goal is to get at least 20 buying units to your seminar at the lowest cost possible. You can definitely see more depending on the topic, venue, and ad budget.

What is the average cost of a registrant for a seminar funnel?

Currently the average cost per registrant is about $20.00.

What is the average show up rate for a seminar?

This will depend on if you are doing an educational seminar, lunch & learn or a dinner seminar. On aveage you can expect to see a 40% - 50% show up rate.

What is the lead time to launch a seminar marketing campaign?

For a first time event we like to launch your campaign 3 weeks from the event date.

How many people will register for a webinar?

Our goal is to get a minimum of 50 registrants for your webinar. With a 40% show up rate, you can expect to have 20+ attendees on the webinar. 

What is the average cost of a webinar registrant?

The average cost of a webinar registrant is $20.00.

What is the average show up rate for a webinar?

The average show up rate for a webinar is 40%.

How many appointments can I get from a webinar?

Most advisors will convert 20% or more of the attendees into appointments. 

Do I need to have webinar software?

No, we provide you with the webinar app. 

Do you provide presentations for webinars?

No, you will need to have your own presentation. 

What is the lead time to launch a webinar marketing campaign?

The average time is 7 days.

How do you handle compliance?

We will package up all of the landing pages and ads into a PDF and you can send them to your compliance officer. 

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