How Quest Capital Increased Their Qualified Leads With $500k+ In Investable Assets By 40%

Client Background
Quest Capital & Risk Management, Inc. is a well-established financial services firm led by S. Joseph DiSalvo, ChFC®, with over 25 years of industry experience. The company focuses on building long-term client relationships and providing personalized investment and income strategies.

Prior to partnering with Eight Digit Media (EDM), Quest Capital faced several challenges:

  1. Inconsistent lead flow
  2. Poor quality of leads not meeting their Ideal Client Profile (ICP)
  3. Unfulfilled promises from previous marketing partners
  4. Technical issues with their digital marketing infrastructure

Eight Digit Media began working with Quest Capital, implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The partnership focused on:

  • Optimizing lead generation efforts
  • Improving lead quality to match Quest Capital's ICP
  • Resolving technical issues in the digital marketing infrastructure
  • Implementing EDM's proprietary D.A.M. Start Targeting system
  • Introducing Smart Ad Copy to further refine targeting and improve lead quality

Data was collected from February 2023 to March 2024, including:

  • Lead demographics
  • Investable assets
  • PQFA (Prospect Quality Financial Assessment) scores

The analysis focused on leads with PQFA scores of 50 or higher and investable assets of $500,000 or more.

Quarterly Trend of High-Value Leads ($500,000+ in assets)

- Q1 2023: 24%
- Q2 2023: 28%
- Q3 2023: 30%
- Q4 2023: 32%
- Q1 2024: 34%

Key Findings
1. Substantial Year-over-Year Growth: The percentage of high-value leads increased by 41.67% from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.

2. Steady Growth: Consistent quarter-over-quarter increase in the percentage of high-value leads from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.
Year-over-Year Improvement:

Q1: 24% (2023) to 34% (2024) - 10 percentage point increase
Q2: 28% (2023) to 33% (2024) - 5 percentage point increase

3. Peak Performance: Q1 2024 saw the highest percentage (34%) of leads with $500,000+ in assets.

4. Effective Engagement: High correlation between webinar attendance and high-value lead identification.

5. Quality Scoring: PQFA scores of 50+ often corresponded with higher investable assets.

6. Income Diversity: High-value leads came from various income brackets, suggesting effective targeting across different financial profiles.

Client testimonial

"Prior to working with Eight Digit Media we were struggling with our digital marketing efforts, we had inconsistent results combined with a number of back end technical issues that we needed solved. Immediately after deciding to use EDM we saw a dramatic increase in our results, and the back end technical issues that we were struggling with begin to fade away. Today a year later after partnering with EDM, we are consistently driving people to our webinars, we have a steady flow of qualified prospects, and are closing new business. Chris Ross and his team at EDM have been responsive and are willing to work with you to take their process and customize it to your unique needs. Bottom line if you're committed to digital marketing, you will find a good partner in EDM."

- Joseph DiSalvo | Quest Capital & Risk Management


The partnership between Eight Digit Media and Quest Capital & Risk Management, Inc. has yielded significant improvements in lead quality and digital marketing effectiveness. While initial results were already impressive compared to Quest Capital's previous marketing efforts, the introduction of Smart Ad Copy as part of EDM's D.A.M. Start Targeting system demonstrated remarkable success, with a 41.67% year-over-year increase in high-value prospects from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024. This substantial growth, coupled with consistent quarter-over-quarter improvements, underscores the effectiveness of the multi-faceted approach combining educational content, community engagement, and sophisticated lead scoring.

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