How To Fix A Failing Marketing Funnel


Hey, Chris Ross here with Eight Digit Media, and today, I want to talk a little bit about failure. So, obviously in marketing, not everything you do is going to work, so you are going to experience some failure with your campaigns, your ads, your appointments, your sales calls even for that matter. Everybody is not going to become a client. So, I wanna talk a little bit about some of the things that you can do whenever you do experience some failure.

Now, first of all, you won't fail unless you completely give up. So if you give up and you quit, then you've absolutely failed. Until you've done that, then you've only experienced some setbacks. So, you wanna figure out where aren't people progressing in your funnel?

If you take a look at your funnel as a whole, if your ultimate goal is to get someone to an appointment, for example. So, if you start with the end in mind saying, "Hey, my goal of this particular funnel is to get somebody to book an appointment ..." Then there are going to be different milestones that will need to take place in order for these people to get to the point of actually booking an appointment.

So, for example, the first milestone obviously is going to be clicking on the ad. Then the second is going to be getting them to opt in. Then the third will be whatever it is for your conversion event.

So, whether that is a short video that explains what you do and why they should book a call, maybe you're sending people to a webinar, maybe you're just trying to get people on your email list in order to get them to consume some emails or maybe some other content and then get them to a call, right? 

So, when people come through, if they take all of the desired actions that you want them to take then, hey, that's awesome. Great. They've gone through the funnel from beginning to end, and they've gotten to the point to where they book the call.

But the problem comes in when people don't actually take all of the actions that you want them to take. So, let's say for instance somebody actually opts in, but they don't take the next step in booking a call. So, now you have to figure out, "Okay, why did this person not take this next step?" 

So, you have to start thinking about where people are in this particular journey. And obviously, you're using social media here, so people can be seeing your ads, so opting in anywhere. They can be in the car at a red light and saw your ad and opted in.

They could be in the grocery store checkout line about to check out. They could be on the phone in the bathroom. Who knows? People could be anywhere and see your stuff so when they don't take the next action, that doesn't necessarily mean that they won't. It's just that somehow they got off track. So, your job is to get them back on track.

You can do this with a number of different ways. One could be the automations that you have set up. So, if someone opted in, they didn't book an appointment, then what's the message that you need to send out to these people to try to get them back on track?

If they were opted in with a phone number, do you wanna send a text message, an automated text message out to them let's say three hours later, saying, "Hey, you opted in but you didn't book an appointment." So, you send them a message saying, "Here's a link where you can actually schedule." Or, "Hey, why didn't you schedule? Can you reply to this text message then let me know why? Is there something else I can help you with?"

Same thing goes with your emails. You really want to start to build your marketing and all your automations based off of behavior, and not just send everybody down one linear path because that's just not how we operate in the world. No one's gonna come into your automation and they're gonna get email, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and then achieve the goal.

There's gonna be different things that are gonna happen. If they get email one, they open it but they don't click, doesn't it really make sense to send them email two if they needed to see the content in email one? So, if the content within email one was needed in order for them to logically see how to take the next step, and they didn't actually click, then we wanna try to send stuff back to them to try to actually get them to click.

Now, this can get super complicated because if you start thinking about all of the if then scenarios that you would need to build into an automation, you could have an automation that's just really huge. But in some instances, it could actually take that. Now, also in some other instances, this is maybe some places ... there may be some places where you can build in some actual human interaction.

So, we have all this great automation and stuff and the whole goal is for us to do less work, but at the same time, we want to leverage this and put ourselves into positions where it will make sense for us to reach out to someone with some human contact. 

So if you have contact information for this particular lead, a phone number or something, does it make sense to just pick up the phone and actually call these people? Or does it make sense to actually send out a personal email? Or whatever the case may be.

The whole idea here is that you first wanna start with the end in mind for what it is that you want people to achieve, and then you wanna map out each little milestone that they need to get to in order for them to get to that final goal and start to think about what it is that you want this particular lead to do if they don't complete a certain action.

Because people are going to get off track, the whole goal of this automation and everything it is in your marketing is to try to get people back on track so that you can make good use of all of the leads that are coming through because if they've opted in, they've essentially raised their hand to say, "Hey, I'm interested in what it is that you have to say." They've at least shown that intent.

So, that intent is really all you need in order to nurture them throughout your entire funnel and get them to achieve the goal it is that you're looking for. So, I hope this information was helpful to you. If you have found that this info has been helpful, please feel free to share it with anyone else who you may think may benefit from it. That's all I have for you today, and I'll look forward to seeing you in another video.

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