How To Get More Clients By Simply Asking


All right, I know you've heard the saying, "Ask and you shall receive," and you might be wondering, well, why am I bringing this up. Despite all of the testing and things that you do in marketing while trying to come up with a particular campaign that's actually going to work, there really is no substitute for market research or market understanding.

Here's what I'm basically trying to get at, when you think about why is it that a client decides to work with you, if you think we're in the age of the internet, you can Google just about anything. Nine times out of 10 the clients that you have, have probably already gone to Google and have typed a query for whatever it is that they were looking for. If they're trying to figure out how to best grow their retirement account or how they can pay as few taxes in retirement as possible, there's a good chance that they've already went out and they Googled this information. There's probably a ton of blog posts and articles, and things that have been written about these particular topics, but yet and still they have had to come to you in order to get advice or guidance or implementation for whatever it is that they want to do.

When you think about it your clients are coming to you because they have a problem that they cannot solve themselves, and if you know what those problems are then you can craft a marketing campaign around those problems that would draw those clients in. How do you know what the problems are? Well, instead of guessing or running to put up five or six different Facebook Ad campaigns just trying to figure out what people want, the easiest thing to do is to actually ask people what it is that they want. What problem does your ideal client have that they don't want? In business there's a good chance, a very good chance that the reason why you're in business, and the reason why you're still in business is because you are a problem solver.

If you are solving problems then that means that you have solutions to those problems, and if could ask people what it is that they are struggling with the most, and identify who those individuals are, and put a message in front of them, there's a good chance that these people are going to want to work with you, because they have not been able to solve those problems themselves. Simply getting down or getting to the point to where you can do some market research, and survey people, talk to people, these are the things that a lot of times a little time-consuming, and it doesn't seem like it's very fruitful in the beginning, but this literally is the foundation of your marketing campaign, is finding out the problems that your ideal clients may have so that you can actually solve them.

Now, I'll tell you a little bit of story, a little story about this as I'm working with a financial adviser here in Dallas. This particular adviser has been doing a lot of marketing, talked to a lot of perspective clients, as well as clients as well, and he knows exactly what it is that they are looking for. Being that he knows the problems that they are facing, the things that they want to learn about what's stopping them maybe from becoming a client, he can craft campaigns and put together material that is going to appeal to these individuals. Now, the reason why I know this works is because we've put together some campaigns that were based around some of these problems, and the people who responded the most were people who were already familiar with him, and familiar with his content because he has put content out there, mainly videos, that talked about the problems that his ideal clients have. Whenever it comes time to actually make an offer that these people are much more likely to actually take him up on this offer.

What has this yielded for him? This has yielded him booked appointments on his calendar at a fairly low costs, just simply because he has taken the time to go out and understand and talk to people as it relates to the problems that they have, and craft solutions that will directly answer those particular problems. I would encourage you before you do anything with Facebook, anything with LinkedIn, anything with direct mail or any type of campaign, I would say the very first thing that you want to do is go out and talk to as many people as you possibly can, and find out exactly what are the things that they're struggling with, and what would they like to learn or what would they like to know from a financial adviser, if you're an adviser, if you're a consultant or whatever it is, the service it is that you have, what is it that they want to know about your particular product or service. Then let that be the foundation of all your marketing, because that's going to allow you to stand out above everyone else, especially if you are in a saturated market.
That's all of the information I have for you today at this video, if you found this information to be helpful please feel free to share it with someone else that you may know, and I look forward to seeing you in another video.

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