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Engage, Connect, Convert: How In-Person Events Can Fuel Your Client Pipeline

Using live events to attract high-value clients

If you want to get in front of a large number of your ideal prospects on a consistent basis then seminars might be the best way to do this in 2023.

Financial seminars have been around for years and while in the past they involved shelling out huge sums of money to get people attend them, it doesn't have to be that way now.

With the inception of social media the old tried and true way of warming up a cold lead and getting them to come in the office as become more affordable compared to the old school marketing in the past.

Live events foster a high level of engagement, providing a platform for advisors to interact, answer questions, and engage in meaningful discussions with potential clients. This active participation often leads to deeper comprehension and appreciation of your services.

The top performing seminars

Now, if you've been doing seminars for any amount of time, you know now there's mainly three types of seminars that people are doing.

You have your educational seminars, you have your lunch and learns, and then you have your dinner seminars.

The educational seminars are somewhat kind of new, especially with the explosion of social media. 

The idea of getting a prospect to show up for a presentation without the offer of food is more appealing to advisors because it saves money and puts the content at the center of attention. 

Let's take a look at how each seminar performs.

Educational Seminar

Average cost per registrant

$5.00 - $30.00 depending on the the topic of the seminar and venue.

Average show up rate

You can expect to see 40% - 50% show up rates for your educational seminars.

Top performing topics

Social Security
Taxes In Retirement
Retirement/Income Planning

Lunch & Learn Seminar

Average cost per registrant

$10.00 - $20.00 no matter the topic of the seminar and or venue.

Average show up rate

You can expect to see 40% - 50% show up rates for your lunch & learn seminars.

Top performing topics

Being that lunch is being served you can choose any topic and you will still fill the room.

Dinner Seminar

Average cost per registrant

$5.00 - $15.00 no matter the topic of the seminar and or venue.

Average show up rate

You can expect to see 40% - 50% show up rates for your lunch & learn seminars.

Top performing topics

Being that dinner is being served you can choose any topic and you will still fill the room.

Does direct mail still work?

Results from a direct mail vs social media campaign

Here are the results of a test where the advisor sent out a direct mail piece and we used the exact same mailer to create a social media campaign targeting the same geographical area. 

The direct mail campaign was a 9,100 piece mailer and the Facebook campaign reached a total of 4,876 people.









Showed Up

55 (96%)

38 (76%)

Appointments Booked

11 (20%)

18 (47%)

Attracting and retaining the right audience

Webinars allow you to target your ideal prospects and engage existing customers.

Utilize social media promotion and email marketing to draw in new attendees, and offer valuable, relevant content to keep your existing customer base coming back for more.

There are three primary ways that you want to target your ideal client.



If you are in an area where there is an affluent suburb, there's a large corporate center or any other factors that may contribute to wealthy people congregating; then you want to start there.


Personal attributes

In addition to targeting people who are interested in retirement, you want to layer on additional interest such as buying habits, educational background, and other attributes that would closely align with your ideal client profile. 



The ad copy that you write plays a big role in who's going to respond to your webinar. You want to make sure that you're writing ad copy that calls out the right avatar to get them to register.

Convert prospects at a higher rate

The personal connections and trust established through face-to-face interactions at live events tend to be stronger than those formed through digital or remote exchanges.

Such connections can significantly increase the probability of potential clients scheduling a consultation.

Seminars also allow for immediate follow-up, providing the chance to address queries promptly and convert interest into scheduled consultations.

In the presence of a captivated audience, the information delivered is more likely to be absorbed and acted upon, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

  • Higher Engagement Levels: In-person events offer a more interactive experience. Attendees can ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage with the presenter or product in real-time. This interactive aspect can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the offering, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Personal Connection & Trust: Face-to-face interaction can help foster a stronger personal connection between the attendee and presenter, potentially building trust more effectively than digital or remote interactions. People tend to trust those they've met in person more, increasing the likelihood of them scheduling a consultation.
  • Focus & Attention: At a live event, the audience is more likely to pay full attention to the presentation. This is contrary to webinars where attendees might be multitasking, and therefore may not fully absorb the content. Increased attention typically results in better comprehension and higher conversion rates.
  • Immediate Follow-Up: After an in-person presentation, potential customers have the opportunity to immediately ask questions or schedule a consultation. This immediate follow-up, paired with the excitement or interest generated by the presentation, can increase conversion rates.

  • Tangible Demonstrations: Live events allow for product demonstrations or tangible experiences that aren't possible in a digital format. This tactile experience can leave a stronger impression and increase the likelihood of a person taking the next step to schedule a consultation.

  • Network Effect: At live events, attendees can see other people showing interest in scheduling a consultation, which can have a persuasive effect due to social proof, a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

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