strategy session

get an actionable plan that will produce a consistent flow of new leads and clients

Discover how you can systematically and predictably get new daily appointments from your ideal clients 

what happens when you book a strategy session?

We will spend 90 minutes online via Zoom to create a marketing plan tailored to your specific needs. This will NOT be a cookie cutter or plug and play type plan created for someone who doesn't cater to the clients you desire. This will be a plan tailored to your specific goals and clients you would like to have in your business. The results we are able to obtain for our clients are rooted in identifying who their ideal client is, what message will resonate with them, and what irresistible offer that will cause them to raise their hand say "I'd like to learn more".  


We will work together to identify opportunities to reach your ideal audience with a concise message along with a hand raising irresistible offer.


Instead of chasing new leads we will create a plan to attract them to you by building trust, authority, and positioning you as the obvious choice.


We make it simple for your leads to be converted in funnel by focusing on the problem they have and introducing your solution to them strategically.

the best time to start getting new clients is Today!

What OTHERS Are Saying

"Big shout out to Chris Ross for helping me so professionally, expertly and patiently with the last part (of the first part - never a last part!) of getting the independent advisory part of the business launched! Thank you ... Facebook ad's approved about 3 hours ago, and so exciting to get the first lead with the tag that says 'I know what boat I want and I'm ready to purchase it'. Never before have we had this level of knowledge about a lead, and it's exciting to finally get this 'bucketing' into place. Thanks Chris, you're certainly the cherry on the top of the cake! (and the icing looks way better now too, thanks)."

Dione Schick

Co-founder BASCO

"Just about every time I have spoken with somebody who says they try to help financial advisors get more clients, they immediately ask me to sign up for their coaching or their process and they want me to send them a check. A lot of times the check they are asking me to send has 5 digits in it.

Chris Ross didn't do that. He asked questions, suggested some ideas that I could work on and then said he would follow up. No pressure. No hard sell. Super refreshing. It almost restored my faith in humanity! If you need help with marketing, you should schedule a consultation with Eight Digit Media"

kevin brown

Kevin Brown

Financial Advisor

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at Eight Digit Media we believe we can make a massive and positive transformation in your business. We're so sure of this that we offer a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the plan we create for you during your session or feel that we've wasted your time, simply tell us to get the entire cost of your session refunded.

here's how to book your session

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    Check your email for a confirmation which will include a link to the online Zoom meeting for your session.