Interview With Phillip Washington at Stone Hill Wealth Management

Our firm has worked with Chris for a couple months now and we are extremely grateful for his expertise and insight. Our marketing department had been stuck in inbound marketing no-man’s land, then we meet Chris, and it’s been all great ever since. Not only does Chris have a technical grasp of inbound marketing, he also has a unique understanding of the valuable nuance (strategy, targeting, copywriting) that make the difference between successful campaigns that build a following and others that simply launch without a response. Chris can work with experienced online marketers as well as those newbies who have yet to build their first campaign. Chris understands the financial advisor market and is skilled at helping messages get monetized.

Jude Wilson Financial Advisor

I have to brag about somebody who I just met on Linked In, yesterday. I followed a guy named Chris Ross after seeing an article that he had written here on Linked In. He then sent an email thanking me for following him. I have been on Linked In since 2009 and that was the first time anybody had thanked me just for following them! After that, we set up a time to speak on the phone. Just about every time I have spoken with somebody who says they try to help financial advisors get more clients, they immediately ask me to sign up for their coaching or their process and they want me to send them a check. A lot of times the check they are asking me to send has 5 digits in it. Chris Ross didn't do that. He asked questions, suggested some ideas that I could work on and then said he would follow up. No pressure. No hard sell. Super refreshing. It almost restored my faith in humanity! If you need help with marketing, you should schedule a consultation with Eight Digit Media.

Kevin Brown Financial Advisor

Before working with Chris I was uncertain if I would be able to attract more of my ideal clients, but within the first 15 minutes of us meeting not only did he shatter those limiting beliefs three things were made clear to me. 1. He truly cares about the results of his clients 2. He operates with total transparency 3. He’s committed to delivering excellence. More then recommended!

Davonte Wilson Marketer

Big shout out to Chris Ross for helping me so professionally, expertly and patiently with the last part (of the first part - never a last part!) of getting the independent advisory part of the business launched! Thank you ... Facebook ad's approved about 3 hours ago, and so exciting to get the first lead with the tag that says 'I know what boat I want and I'm ready to purchase it'. Never before have we had this level of knowledge about a lead, and it's exciting to finally get this 'bucketing' into place. Thanks, Chris, you're certainly the cherry on the top of the cake! (and the icing looks way better now too, thanks).

Dione Schick Founder: BASCO

What makes Chris great is the combination of his wide knowledge and his humble heart, that is willing to help no matter what. For anyone who knows that has a good product or service, but it´s floating in million ideas, Chris will definitely help to land the most accurate and brilliant concepts one can use to get things done immediately. We definitely recommend his services and encourage people to engage with this new age marketing master!

Samantha Mora Owner: Tree Tops Travel

As a digital marketer, it's always a pleasure to come across others who are open and sharing of their knowledge. Chris is that. Whenever I get stuck with ideas for my funnels, lead generation, I know I can count on him. Not only does he provide me ideas to propel me forward, but he also gives me insight into why his suggestions might work. This gives me context and allows me to develop my strategy and tactics further. As I build my business, I'm hoping that I'll be able to collaborate with Chris in the future as his wealth of knowledge, which is transferable to any vertical, is a great asset.

Tara-Tamiko Thompson Digital Marketer

Chris took time from his weekend to help me with a project I was struggling with and created and hooked up a funnel in my WordPress site that worked perfectly right out of the gate. I feel so fortunate to have found a funnel building expert who cares about the end result - someone I can trust and depend on for my business and my clients.

Shelley Jacobson Content Strategist

I have been working with Chris for several months, and he has done an outstanding job in automating my marketing structure allowing my business to have tremendous exposure. If you are a business owner that wants to increase your sales, I would definitely recommend his service.

Doreen Ayafor Financial Coach

Chris is THE Go-To Man for all things technical in creating your Marketing Funnels. He's pretty whiz-bang when it comes to Facebook ads too! Highly recommended!

Carie Lyndene The Success Coach

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