Financial Advisor Webinar Marketing

Elevate your lead generation strategy with our proven webinar system, enhanced by D.A.M. Smart Targeting.

Top-performing webinar topics
  • Taxes in Retirement: 1,803 webinars, 101,580 registrants
  • Social Security: 851 webinars, 87,186 registrants
  • Retirement Planning: 296 webinars, 15,003 registrants
The power of webinars + D.A.M. Smart Targeting: Real results
  • $59.74 average cost per attendee
  • 34% average show-up rate across all webinars
  • 20%+ of attendees typically book consultations
  • D.A.M. Smart Targeting optimizes these metrics for your practice
Amplify your reach with D.A.M. Smart Targeting

Since 2020, we've helped advisors host over 5,000 webinars, reaching more than 430,000 potential clients. Let's transform your practice with data-driven results.

Our precision process: You present, we handle the rest.

Leverage our expertise and technology to maximize your impact and minimize your effort.

The webinar journey: Your path to client acquisition.

Start scaling your practice in as little as 7 steps: Turn webinars registrants into a steady pipeline of qualified clients.

1. Topic Selection

You choose a high-impact subject that resonates with your target audience.

2. Campaign Creation

We create and manage targeted paid media campaigns to attract your ideal prospects.

3. Funnel Creation

We design high-converting landing pages with compelling copy to maximize registrations & set up email/SMS notifications for confirmation and reminders.

4. Webinar Prep

We configure your content in our user-friendly webinar app, ready for live or automated delivery.

5. Campaign Launch

We launch your ads on social media to attract your ideal prospect using D.A.M. Smart Targeting. 

6. Book Consultations

You shine as the trusted advisor, presenting valuable insights to your engaged audience and book at least 20% or more of the attendees into consultations. 

7. Client Acquisition

If all goes well, you should convert at least one consultation into a new client each month growing your practice.

Hear from one of our successful advisors

"I hired Eight Digit back during the pandemic. My business was dead. No live workshops, no live in person meetings. I was scrambling. I attended a workshop that Chris put on. I was impressed with what I saw. My question was can he really deliver on his promises. So I asked if the Houston area was available. Shockingly it was. So I started with Houston to see what happened. Well I hit the numbers Chis used as his example. My business took off. I had so much success I added all of Texas. I have been in the business for 20 years. 2021, 2022 AND 2023 were my best years so far. 2023 was my best year ever. So I highly recommend the team at Eight Digit Media. You will not be disappointed."

- Walt Decherd | RMD Financial Group

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