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Webinar Marketing

What's working right now to get at least 20 qualified registrants to your webinars so you can book more appointments without wasting ad dollars.

How does it work?

We fill your webinars with qualified registrants & you book appointments on the webinar!

What We Do

What You Do

We build the landing pages.

You let us know what topic you want to do for a webinar on.

We write the landing page copy.

You send us your webinar slide deck. 

We build and manage the email & text message automations.

You do some practice runs presenting for the webinar. 

We set up the webinar software with your presentation and calls to actions.

You log in on the day of the webinar to start your presentation. 

We create and manage the Facebook/Instagram campaigns.

You do an awesome presentation. 

We write the ad copy.

You get appointments booked on the webinar. 

We provide you with the webinar app to host the webinar.

You close new business as a result of us working together!

What We Do

Landing Pages

We build the landing pages and write the landing page copy.


We build and manage the email & text message automations for confirmations and reminders.

Webinar Software

We will set up the webinar with all of your calls to actions, polls, handouts and presentation.  

Facebook Campaigns

We create and manage the Facebook/Instagram campaigns and write all of the ad copy.

The funnel

Let's take a look at how the funnel works

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how the funnel works. This is the exact funnel we use with our clients that produces an average show-up rate of 40% and 20%+ of the attendees go on to book appointments. 


How to get qualified prospects to register

There's basically three ways that you want to target your ideal client on Facebook.



If you are in an area where there is an affluent suburb, there's a large corporate center or any other factors that may contribute to wealthy people congregating; then you want to start there.


Personal attributes

In addition to targeting people who are interested in retirement, you want to layer on additional interest such as buying habits, educational background, and other attributes that would closely align with your ideal client profile. 



The ad copy that you write plays a big role in who's going to respond to your webinar. You want to make sure that you're writing ad copy that calls out the right avatar to get them to register.

Sign up & show up

3 keys to getting prospects to show up


Optimized landing pages

The majority of your traffic will come from mobile and you want to make sure your landing pages load quickly with clear CTAs (call to action) or people will click the back button real quick.


Automated email & SMS

SMS is gonna play a huge part in getting people to show up to your event because half the people who sign up will not even check the email.


Web based webinar software

Attendees don't need to download anything to watch your webinar. They can simply click a link and it will open up in any web browser on a mobile device, tablet, or computer. 

100+ advisors love us!

A few kind words from some of our partners.

Ben Fuchs
Fuchs Financial
Last night went well. 10 of the 21 households that signed up were in attendance (right on target with expectations), 3 of those scheduled appointments with 2 more asking us to call to schedule a time to meet.
Aaron C.
Financial Advisor
Meetings have gone well and I've had multiple people over the $500k and $1 -$2M range in virtual meetings.

Webinar Marketing

We only work with one advisor in each market and we have a limited number of spots available in each state due to the high demand right now. 

Webinar Marketing

Live or automated webinars

+ $500 one time set up fee

* Ad spend not included

We offer a variety of funnels designed to generate leads online.


  • Host up to 4 webinars each month
  • You own the funnel
  • We use your branding
  • Email & SMS confirmations
  • Email & SMS reminders
  • Email & SMS webinar follow up
  • Real time RSVP notifications
  • Customized landing pages
  • Customized registration forms
  • Facebook ads management
  • Custom analytics dashboard