We Help Solopreneurs Attract Their Ideal Clients In 7 Days So They Can Close More Sales Without Relying On Referrals

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How Does It Work?

We use a combination of social media, Google, and good ole marketing to target your ideal client with an attractive offer that speaks to your offering or services at the right time. We streamline this process by using funnels to generate qualified leads for your business in 3 easy steps.  


client identification

First we dive in and learn who your ideal client is and we meet them where they spend the most time online. (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)


Client attraction

Once we find your ideal client we invite them into your funnel with an irresistible offer that speaks directly to them. 


Client conversion

The funnel does its magic and voila! You get a new client!

What Level are you on in your business today? 

  • Are you struggling with no leads?
  • Are you surviving with unpredictable leads and clients? 
  • Do you have predictability with leads and clients, but are stuck on a plateau?
  • Have you reached the pinnacle of success where you have time independence and a world class team to run your business without you?

Take Your Business To The Next Level

We've developed a 9 step process which we call "The Best Buyer Method" which allows you to get qualified leads and consistent clients without wasting money on advertising or talking to people who will never buy from you. 

The Best Buyer Method


"Just about every time I have spoken with somebody who says they try to help financial advisors get more clients, they immediately ask me to sign up for their coaching or their process and they want me to send them a check. A lot of times the check they are asking me to send has 5 digits in it. Chris Ross didn't do that. He asked questions, suggested some ideas that I could work on and then said he would follow up. No pressure. No hard sell. Super refreshing. It almost restored my faith in humanity! If you need help with marketing, you should schedule a consultation with Eight Digit Media."

kevin brown

Kevin Brown

Financial Advisor

Chris Ross // CEO, Eight Digit Media

I'm passionate about helping others and I'm on a mission to help 100 people with what I've learned throughout my journey of becoming an entrepreneur.

Chris Ross

Who Is This For?

Funnels work for any one who requires leads or subscribers in order to sell your products or services from financial advisers, realtors, business coaches, consultants, and many more professional service entrepreneurs. If your goal is to get your message in front of your ideal prospect to generate a high return on investment then you need a funnel!

Financial Advisers
Business Coaches

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